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Performance and Rehabilitation

If you can get 1% better each day for one year, you'll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you're done


"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity."

Coaching & Clinics

Laura is a BHS Accredited Professional Coach and Pony Club Accredicated Coach. She holds her UKCC Level 2 coaching certificate and Pony Club A Test.

Livery options

We offer a range of livery services including:



Rehab & Therapy



Arena Hire

Sole use hire of the 60m x 30m arena at Spear Hill Farm. 

Sand and fibre mix surface with irrigation system. Equestrian Reflections Arena Mirrors at one end of the school

horse sourcing/agent

Laura has a range of contacts for quality young horses in Holland, Germany, Ireland and France. Predominantly 3, 4 and 5yos, unbroken and ridden.

Our Facilities

We have looked into every detail when building our facilities at Spear Hill Stud. Always prioritising the well-being and safety of our horses.

Stables (2).jpg

14 box American Barn

A concrete and brick-built barn which stays cool in the summer months. The skylight spans the length of the barn down the centre isle and extra transparent panels over the stables gives maximum natural light.


The skylight is also raised above the roof allowing for air flow. As well as more air flow space between the roof and walls, along with each stable having their own back window, the ventilation and quality of air is maximised.

All stables have an automatic water trough with a regular cleaning schedule. Each water trough can be turned off individually if we need to monitor how much a specific horse is drinking.

The Monarch stable partitions allow for socialising between the horses but also the feel of a safe environment. The partitions are predominantly a grill design except for the front third, which allows the horses to feel unthreatened whilst eating their hay and feed. The partitions are made of composite plastic which is safe for the horses physically as well as being easy to keep clean and hygienic. They can be power washed to look like new and also do not harbour any diseases, unlike wood.

Every stable has Quattro sealed rubber matting. The 25mm Comfort Mat on the floor to increase comfort on their feet and joints. The Equine Sports Roll on the walls for added protection whilst rolling. All the mats are professionally installed and sealed by the Quattro team, meaning no bedding or urine can become stuck under the mat which keeps the stables as hygienic as possible and less ammonia in the air.

Fields 2.jpg

38 acres of pasture land, hacking tracks and woodland

Spear Hill Farm is set within 38 acres of old pasture land. All paddocks are fenced with Equifencing post and mesh, which gives us peace of mind that no accidents can happen from horses' legs go through the fencing. The top of the fencing has brown electric tape to mimic a wooden top rail so it is clearly visible to the horses.

Our soil is tested across the property to give an accurate guide for our pasture treatment plan to give maximum grass growth and provide our horses with the balanced vitamins and minerals they need in their diet.

We have a mown grass track around the perimeter of the property, excellent for hacking and long reining the young horses.

6 acres of woodland sits at the back of the property where a future plan is to develop into a young horse schooling area as a stepping stone before xc schooling.



60m x 30m sand and fibre mix arena with an underground irrigation system.

We specifically chose to not use a wax surface as this can limit the hoof's ability to slide when hitting the surface, which is a natural process that happens in the horses' gait and reduces the risk of concussion on the limbs.

To keep our sand and fibre surface consistent and level we have an underground irrigation system, Leaky Pipes. Pipes are laid under the surface and leak out water which is absorbed by the sand evenly throughout the arena.

We have a full set of show jumps and three Equestrian Reflections arena mirrors at one end of the school, which are an essential training aid. The clarity and precision of alignment are second to none.


Covered Horse Walker

A 5 bay covered Monarch horse walker, set at the end of the stable barn which allows for constant visual from anyone on the yard.

We chose a Monarch walker as for us their design is by far the safest on the market. The walkway is wide enough to allow the horse to change direction without injury. The partitions are set on the hinge at the top so if in the rare instance a horse were to fall down the partition will be able to give and move over the horse, far safer than the fixed partitions.


The sides are rubber matted half-way up on the inside and outside to provide protection but also allow the horses to see each other whilst walking.

Rubber floor pavers provide support and a non-slip surface which is easy to keep clean when it is swept daily.

It has a bronze polycarbonate roof which is translucent, and UV protected which gives the walker a light feel. We have LED lights which can be used in the darker winter months.



We have an HG 2000, which is run multiple times throughout the day to give our horses a constant supply of high quality, freshly steamed hay.

Our hay is stored in a well ventilated and dry barn to keep it at the highest quality all year round.

High temperature Haygain hay steamers are scientifically proven to reduce up to 99% of the dust, mould, bacteria and other allergens commonly found even in good quality hay. By reducing these allergens, we can reduce the risk of inflammatory airway disease by 65%, reduce the risk of colic caused by the mould and bacteria, manage allergies associated with dust, mould and bacteria which all contributes to improved health and performance.

formax Treadmill cover picture.jpg

Performance & Rehabilitation facilities

We have a range facilities which support our competition and resident horses here. Some of these facilities are also able to be booked on their own or as part of a package. 

Water Treadmill


FMBS Activo-Med Combi Pro rug

Ice whirlpool boots

Please see the Performance & Rehabilitation page for the full information.

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"Laura is such an incredible teacher. Her wealth of knowledge and impeccable eye for correcting a horse and rider's way of going has transformed both me and my horses over the past 6 months. Most recently Laura has taken my young mare on schooling livery. I really feel so privileged to have such a professional, empathetic and talented rider helping me produce and develop her way of going. Laura puts the horse at the forefront of her work and during each session when I come to ride my horse I can feel her strengthening and developing as Laura progresses with her education. Laura’s motivation and passion for horses and eventing shines through at all levels of care she gives to both her horses and pupils. I can’t recommend Laura enough as both an impeccable teacher and exceptional rider, she is a real role model to any aspiring riders out there."

- Holly Nye -

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