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Performance and Rehabilitation

If you can get 1% better each day for one year, you'll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you're done

Performance & Rehabilitation

"If you can be 1% better each day for one year, you'll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you're done."

Water Treadmill

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Aqua Icelander

Aqua training is strength and endurance training, without the weight of the rider. The treadmill belt can be set from a 0-10% incline for controlled uphill training. Working through water increases the range of motion of the fore and hind limbs which can help to engage their core muscles, plus the thoracic and lumber spine are under positive training during the course of the exercise. The properties of water allow for reduced weight bearing on limbs and reduced concussion, along with the benefits of the anti-inflammatory effects of chilled salt water.


Wave Vortex Circulation Therapy

Wave vortex circulation technology (not vibration!). Used to increase circulation which can regenerate cells and make tissue stronger.

IATS registered (International Association of TheraPlate Specialists).


Rehabilitation & Therapy Livery

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Bespoke package for your horse

We can work closely with your Vet, Physio, Chiropractor, Farrier and other Equine Sports Science Professionals to create a bespoke package to suit your horse's specific needs. Our facilities include a chilled, salt water Treadmill with an incline option; TheraPlate; Activo-Med PMEF Rug and Ice Whirlpool boots. We can help with the initial time consuming therapy after injury and with the rehabilitation process of helping your horse back into work again.

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After starting to struggle with my mare’s behaviour, as well as her needing rehab for her stifles, I sent her to Laura’s. As well as teaching my mare some manners on the ground and rehabbing her via the theraplate and water treadmill, Laura and her team also completed backing her for me.
I really cannot recommend Laura and her team enough, they treat the horses as their own and really make you feel welcome and involved with the day to day life of your horse. The yard has a friendly and warming atmosphere around it which really helped calm my mare, she settled in straight away, as if she had always lived there.
Jessie spent 8 weeks with Laura and has come back looking and feeling like a completely different horse, she’s built muscle up in so many places and her attitude has changed for the better.
She is so much more confident being ridden.
Laura also took time out to ensure I was confident on her before I bought her home and the patience Laura has shown us both shows how much she really does care about each horse and their owner.
I now feel confident enough to take my horse out on hacks - something I had never done before.
Thank you all so much.
- Laura Lanaway -

- Maisie Freeborn -

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