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Water Treadmill

Our Aqua Icelander Water Treadmill has features including adjustable belt speed and water height, incline option and chilled, salt water.


We follow best practice guidelines as endorsed by British Equestrian and Hartpury University.


What makes us different?

Chilled Dead Sea Salt Water

Our water conditions are designed to support healthy limbs. By adding Dead Sea Salts to our water the buoyancy is increased which reduces the concussive effect of the limbs on the ground. The chilled water can promote an anti-inflammatory response. Along with the huge health benefits of Dead Sea Salt on the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Open 7 days a week

We understand the commitments a lot of owners have with working hours Monday - Friday which is why we remain open on the weekends. We want to support as many horses and owners reach their goals as possible.

No Chlorine

Unlike the common practice, we do not use chlorine to manage our water cleanliness. We have teamed up with Equine Bio Genie, who are revolutionary in managing biosecurity. The EBG water treatment removes and prevents the growth of bacteria, algae and bio-film whilst also being safe and harmless to the horse's skin.

Personalised Plans

After an initial movement assessment, we can work with your vet and physio to provide a fully tailored session plan to ensure we are making a positive impact on your horse's training and rehab goals. The speed, water height, session time and incline are fully adjustable and can be changed within a matter of seconds.

Incline option at 5% or 10%

We can choose between a 5% and 10% incline, as well as having the belt level. This gives us options to tailor each horse's programme to their specific needs in a controlled environment.

Option of nappy or net

To keep the water as clean and hygienic as possible we make sure all droppings are caught whilst your horse is in the treadmill. We have two options for this, either your horse wears a specially designed nappy to catch them, or we can stand behind your horse with a net. We can choose whichever option your horse is most relaxed with. 


Price List


Individual Session

This price is for an individual session. Once you have purchased 5 sessions the 6th is free, averaging the session prices at £37.50. 

(Price inclusive of VAT).


Block of 6

Buy a block of 6 sessions up front. This averages the session prices at £35 each.

(Price inclusive of VAT).


3 introductory sessions

Is your horse new to the water treadmill? Buy our starter block of 3 sessions to be used in the first week which will help your horse to acclimatise to the treadmill quicker. The first two sessions for all new horses are shorter with a very low level of water. 

(Price inclusive of VAT).

The benefits of Water Treadmill training

 / Increased Range of Motion to engage core

Due to the action of the horse's limbs stepping over the water the range of motion of the joints is increased. With increased retraction (backwards movement) of the forelimb and increased protraction (forwards movement) of the hind the limb, along with the neck stretching down the forward, the abdominal muscles will contract, and the back will lift.

 / Increased workload with reduced impact on limbs

Walking on the water treadmill is higher intensity work than walking on dry land. The properties of water (buoyancy) reduce the concussive impact of the limbs landing on the floor. Therefore, a water treadmill session is a great alternative to ridden work when you want to reduce weight bearing on their limbs but still work them more than in hand walking on land. This is also beneficial when increasing the workload of a horse that is rehabilitating following an injury.

 / Symmetry observation

Due to the glass viewing points at the front, back and sides of the treadmill, we are able to observe the protraction (forward movement) and retraction (backwards movement) of the front and hind limbs. We are also able to see the height of the joint flexion of each limb. If there are any asymmetries these observations can be fed back to your vet, physio, chiropractor or other sports science professional.

 / Controlled environment

Using a water treadmill is an excellent way of having a controlled exercise session for your horse. We are able to encourage symmetry in the horses gait as we have view points from in front, behind, above and each side through the glass walls. The belt is completely level and they are walking in a straight line so with horses rehabilitating after lateral injuries to the limb and foot the water treadmill can be a great controlled environment to exercise them in, which you may not have out hacking or in the arena.

 / Anti-inflammatory benefits of working in chilled dead sea salt water

The hydrostatic pressure exerted by the water acts as a compression device and can reduce inflammation and oedema. The chilled water leads to vasodilation (narrowing) of the blood vessels which reduces the blood flow to the area and in turn decreases inflammation and swelling. Studies have also proven that Dead Sea Salt have a soothing effect on joints.

 / Exercise without the loading of a rider

When the horse has a rider on board their lumbar extension is increased. Without a rider the lumbar flexion is increased (lifting of the back). Working horses on a water treadmill provides an excellent opportunity to effectively train a horse without the load of a rider, in a straight line in a controlled environment.

formax Treadmill cover picture.jpg

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Properties of Water

How much work is a water treadmill session?

A stride frequency of 40 strides per minute would result in 800 increased flexions in a 20 minute treadmill session. This would be the same as walking over 4 ground poles 200 times.

“Performed optimally, water treadmill exercise has many potential benefits when integrated into a training or rehabilitation programme, including an increase in range of movement of lower limbs, increased lumbar flexion, decreased impact shock, improved posture, core and hind limb muscle development and an opportunity to cross-train in a controlled environment."

Dr Rachel Murray, BEF World Class programme veterinarian and co-investigator in current water treadmill research.

Hartpury contributes to new equine guidelines over use of water treadmills | News | Hartpury University and Hartpury College

Case Study

4yo Mare with previous stifle condition and general lack of core and hind-end strength.

2-3 Water Treadmill sessions per week.

1 x TheraPlate session per week.

Long reining and hacking 2-3 times per week.

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